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LBZ#1: August 2013.
Wil Wagner // Adam Collins
limited to thirty. out of print.

LBZ#2: Weekender Special. September 2013.
Joyce Manor // Bennies // Jen Buxton // postblue
limited to fifty. out of print.

LBZ#3: April 2014.
Max Stern (Meridian, Signals Midwest) // Crisis Alert
limited to ten. out of print.

LBZ#4: July 2014.
Pentimento // Dikembe // Initials
limited to forty. out of print.

LBZ#5: Weekender Special. August 2014.
Luca Brasi // Paper Arms // Apart From This // Ted Danson With Wolves
limited to fifty. out of print.

LBZ#6: Weekender Special. September 2015.
Sidekicks // Clowns // Georgia Maq // Oslow
no physical print.

LBR#7: Weekender Special. October 2016.
Hard Aches // High Tension // Camp Cope // Paper Thin
limited to twenty-five.